As part of our aim to provide affordable, accessible and quality education to children in the countryside and hinterlands in Ghana, GLOVO has established an educational centre in one of the several rural communities within the Agona Swedru Municipality. The school aims at becoming a center of excellence where orphans, the vulnerable and the physically challenged can access quality education.
Partners, donors and investors are urgently needed to help develop the vast land the organization has bought and earmarked for the project. We hope to build a village which will comprise a school complex, clinic, recreational centre, ICT centre, home for orphans and abandoned children and a counseling unit.
Volunteers will be in-charge in the provision of quality services to children and the general public at large.

In this project, we solicit support from churches, corporate bodies and the general public to procure and distribute stationery, school uniforms, footwear, school bags, clothing etc. for orphaned, needy and less privileged children in society.
This annual project has four major objectives outlined as follows:
A. children who are brilliant but needy are given support to help them unearth their hidden potentials
B. children of school- going ages that are not in school are enrolled to start schooling for the first time
C. children who have stopped schooling as a result of general lack of care and support are sent back to school.
D. children with physical disability and hearing impairment are motivated to be in school.
To achieve these laudable objectives we invite charitable organizations and individuals to come on board to partner our effort of making education a right, not a privilege.

The globalization of the world, making it a small village calls for intensive teaching of ICT in schools. Unfortunately, in Ghana most public primary schools do not have computers for learning though ICT has been made examinable.
In the Agona Swedru Municipality, no public school could boast of a single computer in the year 2009. Since then GLOVO has been partnering former volunteers, foreign schools and individuals to procure and supply computers to basic public schools within the Swedru Municipality and its environments.
So far, seven Basic schools have benefited from the computer project and its impact has been very tremendous.
We receive request daily from schools and increase in demand calls for equal increase in supply. This calls for funding and this is where your service to humanity is tested. Come on board financially or materially to help expand this project and your names will remain indelible in our books.

GLOVO is also into volunteerism. We are a recognized volunteer recipient organization in Ghana. We receive volunteers from all over the world. Our partnering organizations is Kultur-Life in Germany however our doors are always open for other partners elsewhere like you.
Our volunteers serve in schools, hospitals, orphanage homes and Day Care centers. We receive short and long term volunteers. We have good host families for our volunteers. Project supervisors are very friendly and hardworking.
Get in touch with friends, relatives, schoolmates and family members who wish to come Africa for volunteering service to select Ghana and GLOVO in particular for our services and conditions are superb.

This is another crucial project designed by GLOVO to ensure the welfare of the orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children under our care. The programme aims at giving monthly support in terms of food items, toiletries, clothing and other stuff for the children’s proper upkeep in the foster homes.
With the help of Morningstar Family Ministries, twenty-five out of the over hundred children under our care are enjoying this package. Malnutrition amongst the beneficiary children has reduced drastically.
You can also raise funds in support of this project to help change the deprivation most children under our care find themselves in. Most foster parents are complaining because the support GLOVO is giving to them is inadequate. This challenging task behooves you to really strive to get one child under on care support. Child support project, save a child today, laugh aloud tomorrow.

GLOVO is the first NGO to register deprived children unto the National Heath Insurance Scheme in Ghana. So far, with the help of our former volunteers we have registered over three hundred deprived children and some tens of parents unto the health scheme.
The aim is to help rural and deprived children access quality health care in order to avoid preventable deaths which normally occur among rural children in Ghana.
Management is grateful to Agnes Ophelia Matz for mooting that idea and all other volunteers and partners who helped sustain it.
More children are crying to be registered unto the scheme and this is where sacrifices are to be made to support the project. My one dollar, your two Euros, his/her three pounds and our four yen come together to form a pool of fund where we can draw money to support this kids. Better late than never!