Glovo Academy Acquires A Vast Land For Expansion

Following the rapid increase in enrolment at the GLOVO Academy, it became necessary to think about how to get more spacious and comfortable place for necessary expansion to be carried out. In the light of this, the Directors of Glovo took all the necessary steps to get a land for such project.
Management met with the land owners to verify the authenticity of the land and the cost for the purchase of the 1.13 acre land. We were satisfied with our findings and thereafter made a part payment to that effect.

 Now all documents on the land are complete, but we are yet to clear off the remaining debt before the documents could be signed by the land owners. In the meantime, they have given us a period of one month to settle the outstanding debt before the actual constructional work could be executed. It is in this light that we wish to appeal to all passionate individuals, past and present volunteers, philanthropists and corporate bodies to respond to our call by raising funds to start the foundation of the school on the new land.

While we wait for donations from all and sundry, we have started digging a well to serve as a source of water for the building project as well as a source of drinking water when the school relocates to the new site. Part of the land is being used by management to cultivate maize, cassava and some vegetables to supplement the nutritional needs of the school pupils. We are also in the process of getting seedlings of trees to plant so that we can get a lot of shade at the site. That notwithstanding, the building plan is been drawn by the draughtsman and will soon be completed. The need to kick start the building project has become very urgent following the congestion at the current school premises. The land on which the school is sited now was leased to us and as such, permanent structures cannot be built on it. Besides, there is no space again for further expansion. Similarly, the pupils will be promoted to the next class and by hook or by crook three classrooms are to be built before September this year to forestall any inconvenience. 

Though money is difficult to come by, management in collaboration Judith and her family from Germany have been able to raise some funds with respect to the part-payment to acquire the land. What we are left with is the payment of the outstanding debt on the land and how to begin the building project over there. To effectively and judiciously use the land we are planning to construct storey buildings so as to get a bigger playing ground for the kids.

We also appeal to other donors to  contribute toward the construction of a BORE HOLE to serve the entire campus . There are no Pipe Borne and Electricity on the future campus for the children. We would therefore wish to make this passionate appeal to you once more to come to our aid in getting a place where the vulnerable, orphans and the physically challenged can access quality and affordable education for future development.  We need iron rods, bags of cement, roofing sheets, wood for roofing and any other building materials which will make the Glovo Academy a strong and lasting edifice. You could channel your donation through or money transfer. We will acknowledge receipt of your donation and furnish    you with the break down of its usage.

Even though our attention is focused on the school project, other major activities of the organization will be carried out concurrently. In June this year, we plan to organize the second edition of the Blood donation exercise at the Swedru municipal Hospital to get more blood for Blood Bank.  Additionally, a send off party tagged “Well done to volunteers” is expected to be done in August for all Glovo volunteers who will end their service at the end of July this year. This is done to show our token of appreciation to them for their selfless work.
Plans are also underway to get sponsors and donors to support this year’s “Back-to- school Project” slated for September this year. We plan getting stationery, school uniforms, footwear, school bags, and other educational materials to be supplied to the orphans vulnerable and the physically challenged children in our care so that they can equally compete on the educational ladder with their peers that are well endowed. 

In October, the rural community outreach will be held to sensitize the rural communities on some social, moral and health issues. You will be furnished with updates as and when these programs are carried out. Our doors are wide open top receive donations from charitable people like you.  
Let make the building of Glovo Academy at the new site a reality before September this year. 

Long live Glovo Academy, long live GLOVO!


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