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GLOVO celebrated its 5th Anniversary on 24th June, 2014 after its registration and operation five years ago. The organisation which started on a low note in a small office at a corner somewhere in Agona Swedru has grown and is known globally as a reputable non-governmental organisation. This recognition stems from the fact that the organisation has upheld its integrity with its foreign partners and transparency has been the organisation’s hallmark. We have adhered strictly to our core vision, mission and values and without any shred of doubt that we have not deviated from our objectives upon which we were given the certificate of incorporation and commencement. We have remained resolute in the past five years to give hope to the hopeless, the orphaned, the deprived, the under privileged and kids with disabilities.
Glorious Kids

This year’s celebration was marked at the GLOVO Village, the Head Office of the organisation where the Director of GLOVO Mr. Williams Yirenkyi met with the staff and the kids at the Village to have a fun fair. It was all jollity and merry making. The director used the occasion to recount the bitter and turbulent times the organisation has passed through and urged the staff and the kids to share in the vision of the organisation so that together we create an organisation which is livelier than one’s biological family.

Glovo Clinic
Many organisations fold up after one year in existence but through the dint of hard work, determination and God’s favour, GLOVO has grown from strength to strength. Over the past five years, the organisation has not relented in its effort in providing educational support to over one hundred highly deprived children. We did this by enrolling some of these kids for the first time in schools; providing over one hundred kids with school uniforms and assorted educational materials, among others. Similarly, we supplied about 40 pieces of computers and accessories to seven Basic Schools in the Agona East and West Local Assemblies. The aim was to help teachers and kids alike to have access to information which is a recipe for quality teaching and learning.
Community Outreach

On health grounds, the organisation did very well by organising a blood donation exercise to get at least 200 pint of blood for the Swedru Municipal Hospital whose blood bank was in short supply of blood for dying souls. The programme was well patronised and the result was fantastic. Still on health, the organisation registered more than one hundred school kids and thirty parents at Asifaw in the Akwapim North District unto the National Health Insurance Scheme so that access to quality health care could be made possible and easier. A similar exercise was done at Biseadze in the Gomoa East District of the Central region where about one hundred and and seven kids were enrolled unto the Health Insurance Scheme to enjoy free health care. In the Agona West Municipality, the organisation this same health exercise for two hundred and fifty deprived kids. 

GLOVO also carried out rural outreach programmes sensitising rural dwellers to on teenage pregnancy, parental irresponsibility, school dropouts among others.
Henrike at work

Through the assistance of Morningstar Families ministries, GLOVO has built a big four- bedroom flat which is being used as the GLOVO Foster home giving protection and shelter for orphans and street kids at the GLOVO Village. At the Village, the organisation has built a school to provide quality and affordable education to kids at the home and the general public. A nice clinic has also been built waiting stocking, commissioning and operation.

Glovo  Academy
We cannot praise ourselves for these numerous feats chalked within this short period of time but the glory goes to the Most High, donors, and volunteers who in diverse ways have worked through thick and thin to sustain the project. Our achievements cannot be quantified since there will be no space to write down every epitome of work the organisation has carried out.

Our volunteering project is flourishing and every year we receive volunteers globally for both short and long term internship programmes and cultural exchanges. Why don’t you try GLOVO if you intend to do your volunteering programme in Africa and Ghana in particular? Most of our past volunteers will attest to the fact that we never let them down but we supported them throughout their stay in Ghana. Trust, respect, obedience and team work are all that we require of you to portray.

End of term examination

The organisation, as it keeps on expanding, is faced with numerous challenges among them is lack of funding for GLOVO projects. As we write this article, destitute girls and boys are knocking at our door pleading that we provide them with shelter and clothing yet the Foster Home cannot take kids beyond its capacity. We intend to build more homes at the Village to accommodate these teaming kids who need our help. We also need funding and donation for the inmates at the Home.

Similarly, the school at the GLOVO Village needs extra classrooms to properly accommodate the nursery and the kindergarten kids. We provided tent classrooms for them but the strong winds did not spare these innocent kids when it rained.
Beach time at Winneba

It is in this light that that management wishes to make this passionate appeal to you as an individual, church, corporate body, donor and lover of kids to stretch forth your hands to support these kids under our care either in kind or cash so that together we build a better future for these innocent but deprived children under our care. 

We say a big Thank You to Morningstar Family Ministries, Kultur-Life, AIESEC, our past Volunteers, donors and all well wishers as we celebrate this eventful day. GLOVO will not be complacent but will work assiduously to ensure that we care for the kids under our care and those children we are now welcoming with all our strength, mind and heart till they reach maturity.  Au revoir!!!

Glovo Team

Tuesday, 8 October 2013




GLOVO made a giant historic stride this year when it inaugurated its Foster Home at Agona Swedru on Tuesday 21st January, 2014. The Home is aimed at providing quality shelter, education and care giving for the orphaned and vulnerable children in the Swedru Municipality and its environs.
Maristan House
The inauguration was graced by the Deputy Municipal Director of Social Welfare, Chiefs and elders of Otaprow and surrounding communities, GLOVO Executive, relatives of foster kids and a representative from the Ghana Police Service. The Deputy Municipal Director of Social Welfare who was the Guest Speaker commended GLOVO for providing such a splendid edifice to aid the work of Social Welfare. 

Inspector J. Afriyie
According to him, Ghana Government wants individuals and organisations to establish Foster Homes rather than orphanage homes where inmates are permanently separated from their biological relatives. He added that most children at orphanage homes in Ghana are not able to integrate into mainstream society when they grow up because of the isolated and solitary lives they lead at the orphanage homes.

Six children with their foster parent
It was therefore welcoming news that GLOVO had established this foster home which is going to allow the relatives of the foster children to visit them periodically and from time to time the kids will be sent home to visit their relatives to socialise with them and are brought back to the home. The Social Welfare Department thinks the foster care system is the ideal way of giving care and support to less privileged kids and advised donors to channel resources into foster care homes more than orphanages for the former yields better results.

Solomon Amoako (Department of social Welfare -Agona West)
The Municipal Police Inspector who was the Guest of Honour advised the care givers and foster parents to desist from any act of child abuse and stressed that they should passionately work towards shaping the lives of the kids entrusted in their care. He also advised the care givers to call on him whenever they suspect any security threat at or around the home.
The Director of GLOVO Mr. Williams Yirenkyi expressed his joy about the coming into reality of his dream. He said that the establishment of and maintenance of foster care home come with daunting challenges. He cited feeding, medical bills, education, staff salaries, lack of electricity, and establishment of more homes to shelter more vulnerable children among others as challenges the organization is facing. He expressed his gratitude to the Morningstar Family Ministries in Canada for their generous donation of funds for the establishment of the home. The building is dedicated to Mrs Maristan, meaning “wished-for-child settlement”. 

 He used the platform to appeal to individuals, churches, corporate bodies and charitable organisations to come on board to support such a worthy cause. He made a clarion call to volunteers, both short and long term volunteers, to come in their numbers to volunteer in GLOVO projects.
As a way of ensuring that quality health care is provided for the Glovo kids, the Director said a paediatric centre is under construction but the pace of work could be made faster if much funds were made available in order to fast track the pace of work on the paediatric hospital.
Sitting room

The Project Secretary introduced the Caregivers and their two kids followed by the introduction of the six foster kids to the gathering. From there the Chief of Otaprow cut the tape to officially open the building for the foster care project. The dignitaries at the function inspected the facility and were very impressed about the comfortable shelter provided for the kids. The kids were later ushered into their rooms to formally begin their stay at the home.

Inspection of project
Besides the inauguration of the foster home, the GLOVO Academy which is also at the Village is growing from strength to strength in terms of enrolment and better student output. The Staff of the school, though underpaid, is working effectively to ensure that they meet the academic target set for them by management. Discipline and hard work are our hallmark. Despites these feats, the school lacks classrooms and this situation has compelled management to shelter some pupils under canopies and whenever it rains or shines, teaching and learning is adversely affected. 
Priscilla and Sandra
Pay us a visit in Ghana and you will never regret you did. The foster kids would like to see and interact with you and they would be glad if you could sponsor them in their upkeep.  

In order not to compound the situation in the next academic year, we appeal to everybody to come to our aid in constructing a classroom block for these innocent KIDS.

Belated happy and prosperous New Year from the entire GLOVO Team in Ghana to you all!

Glovo Team @ 2014

Glovo Academy re-opened on the 10th September 2013 to usher in the 2013/2014 Academic year. Indeed, it was a wonderful day seeing parents feverishly seeking admission for their wards. Both the teaching and non-teaching staff was at post to ensure that the school kids were well protected.

The re-opening also saw the movement of kids from the old school site, which was the genesis of the school to the permanent school site Glovo Village which is more spacious and conducive for learning though the structures, are no fully completed.
My first day at school
 The new academic year has also seen the creation of Basic four in order to meet the demands of parents who were
 yearning for admission for their wards in the said class. Enrolment has thus starts up from about 140pupils to almost 180pupils.

Raguel enjoying the nursery kids at Glovo village
This huge number however comes with its own challenges. The school is battling with how to pay the staff sustainable salaries in order to retain them. Secondly, the need to complete the classroom structures, construction of nursery block, kitchen and furnishing them is also a great challenge. 
Getting playing equipment and gadgets for the kids is also a challenge we cannot gross over.

Local kitchen
In fact, educating kids at relatively cheaper cost at our side of the world is very difficult and this calls for collaboration among all stakeholders including donors and charitable organizations in order to make progress. The ultimate goal of Glovo is to establish a school of academic excellence a foster home which would be properly managed, a pediatric hospital which would be efficiently administered, counseling centre which would be massively patronized, football academy to develop the talent in our children and Glovo administrative offices all in a single area referred to as Glovo village under the supervision of Glovo.

Catch them young.
With this bigger vision, only the school is partly constructed and other projects remain untouched. This opens door for interested donors and corporate bodies to extend their assistance to Glovo so that this great vision become a reality.
Beside these challenges, our volunteering working is growing from strength to strength. 

Our partnership with Kulturlife, Welwart and AIESEC has become even stronger yet we need more partnership from other volunteering organization such as yours to send more volunteers to work in our various projects in Ghana.

Football Academy
Individuals who want to do short term voluntary services can also apply directly to us for consideration and believe me; you would forever remember you stay in Ghana.


Weltwarts Volunteer
Glovo Reach a Child!

Glovo Raised a Child!!

Glovo Restore Community!!!

Kanta and Charlotte working at Glovo village

Liz and Nadja in House -To -House Monitoring.
Glovo staff and Weltwart volunteers. 

Glovo volunteers are helped to integrate into the culture and norms of Ghana. We work with passion and treat volunteers with our hospitality.

Glovo Team